Thursday 21 February 2013

Washington and New York Photo Diary

The Washington Memorial 

 Outside the White House

The Lincoln Memorial 

The view from the Lincoln Memorial

The WWII Memorial in Washington

The apartment building where F.R.I.E.N.D.S was filmed in NYC 

Times Square eating at the Hard Rock Cafe and seeing Mama Mia 

A walk in Central Park

The views from our ferry ride around the island

Hi everyone!

Last year I had the chance to go on an amazing trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York with our school's history department. I am planning on doing History at uni and I thought it was such a great opportunity to I snapped it up straight away! The time finally came this week, I got back on Tuesday morning so I'm still slightly jet lagged but coffee and shopping sure is a great remedy!

Some of these photos were taken on my phone so don't judge!
I would definitely love to go to all these places again as there was so much I didn't get the opportunity to see! All of the cities were so diverse; Washington with it's clean, crisp streets with huge open spaces, Philadelphia's urban feel and New York's busy atmosphere and bright lights. It was just CRAZY!

I loved every minute of my trip...

Love Phoebe xxx


  1. Wow, sure does look like you had a brilliant time :)
    I love your outfit also <3
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

    1. Thankyou! Yeah it was an amazing trip and I seriously want to go back again! It's not much of an outfit but for -10 degrees it was all that was acceptable:') xxx

  2. Washington is place with such a big history importance! I don't learn american history at school but I recently saw the movie 'Lincoln'.. which was impressing! And I realized what a great mean he was. I definitely have to visit this place as well ^^

    Have a nice weekend,

    1. You really should visit Washington, it's like no where else in the world! One minute you're in this little city, and the next you're in a huge open space full of grassy areas with the sun shining! Such a magnificent place. The history was amazing too, you'd never think it but it's so interesting to study. So many wars and the battle for independence. Can you tell I love it? ;)

      You have a great weekend too and thanks for the comment:) xxx

  3. great trip!

    1. It really was, thanks for the comment:) xxx

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip. Glad you got to go to so many places--I see you were right by the Flatiron building (my office is right near there). Hope it wasn't too cold to enjoy!

    1. Hi! yeah we went right past there and it was just beautiful! Well it -10 in New York and about 12 in Washington so two ends of the spectrum but noting could've made me not enjoy it:) xxx

  5. Washington D.C looks incredible! looks so cold, love the photos!

    Myra x

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