Tuesday 20 August 2013

Turkey Through Outfits


1) Dress, Topshop    Shoes, Hollister     Sunglasses, Accessorize          2)Dress, Zara     Shoes, Anthropologie      Bag, Mulberry

Hi everyone!

So I got back from Turkey yesterday and what can I say. England is muuuuuchhh colder than I anticipated! It feels like such a shock to go from 32+ degrees to 15. I just wish we had a few more days in the crazy and beautiful city of Istanbul. We saw so much in the little time we had to explore, so I think I will put up a photo diary at some point this week (probably Friday) so keep your eyes peeled! These are just two of the many outfits I wore, most nights we changed to go out for dinner so we are talking 2 outfits a day! I planned to do 3 actual posts but the outfit photos I took when went on the boat party on the Bosphorus didn't work out very well (it was too dark and we had drank too much!)

As I said before the weather was crazy hot and to keep cool, I found it easiest to where dresses. The two above were ideal as they were floaty, flowy and they left my back uncovered (cool as well as good for some tanning)... The white dress was bought in the sale as well- £12.99! Bargain!

Let me know if you've been to Turkey too!

Phoebe xxx

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