Sunday 9 December 2012

A Naughty Blogger

Hi everyone!

I have definitely been a very naughty blogger, but work has really got the best of me over the past couple of weeks. I have all my english coursework in, my art final piece (plus lots of little things), I've gotten myself behind in Biology due to too many trips out and about and my history teacher is an absolute demon who keeps setting us 3 or more essays in one go!

I know this isn't an outfit post, but I wanted to give you a little update of what's going on with me right now! So this weekend I've spent it wrapped up in a blanket, next to radiator writing millions of essays and snuggling my cat. This is Millie. I wanted to show you guys some of my own photography aswell, so I thought this would be a great opportunity!

I hope you've all had a marvelous weekend (hopefully you didn't have as much work as me) and I hope the festive season is treating you well!

Phoebe xxx

Sunday 25 November 2012

Lazy Days

Hi everyone! 

I'm so sorry, I've been such a bad blogger. Life is just getting the best of me. I'm starting to think that I've made waaaayy too many commitments than I can handle; cello, singing ,dancing, school work, work work, blogging, youtube ect... You get the idea!

I decided to have a lazy morning because I had a dancing exam in the afternoon, so I just fancied lounging around in cosy jumpers and fluffy socks. I got these socks yesterday, and oh my frickin' god they are amazing. Being able to have 20% discount I'm going to get mountains of them. High socks and dresses are my new favourite things so look forward to seeing lots of these!

My lazy day= minimal makeup, no jewelery, no effort. Can you understand my thinking? Good!

Dress, Topshop
Jumper, Ralph Lauren
Socks, Topshop
Shoes, Topshop

Phoebe xx

Monday 12 November 2012

Winter Wishlists

Hi everyone!

So today I have been ill, and what makes you feel better more than abit of online shopping! I'm gonna lie, I do this most days, but when feeling very sorry for myself reading a book (in this case the Great Gatsby) and browsing my favourite online shops for treats makes me feel SOOO much better!

1) So I've been looking for a great statement necklace for ages and ages, and today watching my usual youtube favourites, Arden Rose mentioned this gorgeous Zara one in her California haul. I searched it out straight away and a maaayy have to buy it. I think it would look great for christmas and new years parties!

2) My Topshop shopping is in full overload as I have just got a job there! (YAAAAYY- 65% OFF) The Topshop Boutique dresses are generally just amazing. There's this one I fancy, another one and my number 4 on here.

3) These Vagabond boots from Urban Outfitters are sooooo pretty! Though I've just bought a brown pair of boots from topshop... They didn't have HEALS though! Big difference you know!

4) Another Topshop Boutique dress, what more can I say? So on trend and would look great with a long sleeved top underneath! I want it!!!

5) Opi Bastille My Heart is generally just a gorgeous shade for winter, a must have I think!

6) I neeeed a watch for work, I couldn't decide between this beautiful retro Urban Outfitters one and a mini gold casio from ASOS! Both of my parents said that this was nicer so I may have to pick this bad boy!

7) Topshop Stardust and Amethyst nailvarnish, two beautiful wintery shades. NEED!

What are you eyeing up this winter?

Phoebe xxx

Saturday 3 November 2012

Forbidden Forest

Hi everyone! 

After doing my daily blog search (I love finding new blogs) and I found so many beautiful ones today and saw that they all use a 50mm lens! So I thought this is poo, and went to my mum pleading for a 50mm. Anyways, she simply said that we've got one. Then I insisted that we go and try it out and these are the results. I've been feeling quite wintery recently so I thought that the forest right near my house would be really lovely, which it was (although we encountered a strange old man and it was super cold).

I've had this duffle coat since last Autumn and it's still going strong! I'd like a boyfriend coat and a buccle biker jacket (but those will have to wait)! I just went for an outfit that was simple and cosy, perfect for winter days!

What are you wearing this winter?

Coat, Topshop
Dress, Topshop
Shoes, Topshop

Phoebe xx

ps. sorry for the Topshop overload, it's my baby...

Monday 29 October 2012


Hi everyone!

So, it is safe to say that I have completely and utterly fallen in love with tartan this Autumn. I generally just can't get enough of the use of different tones to create completely different pieces, but always using the same pattern! Now, some of these are dream items so don't think I'll be buying these! But I just wanted to show you different brand's interpretations of tartan!

1) Alexander McQueen Tartan Boots, these are WAYY out of my price range. But if I could have anything on this list it would be them. I spotted them in Vogue and juts knew that I needed to feature them in a blog post. I want them sooo bad!

2) Topshop Tartan Shorts, these are more like it (and they have a matching blazer too woo!) I just really like the style of these, great for everyday and a night out, fabulous!

3) River Island Tartan Trousers, I loveeee smart trousers! These will be mine, the colour combo, the style, they're just perfect!

4) Vivienne Westwood Tartan Pencil Skirt, again this is a tad out of my price range! But isn't it beautiful? I like how both red and green has been incorporated, it's different and I like that!

5) Topshop Tartan Leggings, I already have these and they're fab. Buy them!

6) Fred Perry Tartan Scarf, I'm just imagining wearing this on a lovely autumn morning and going out for a walk. I need a scarf and think this might be it!

Have you seen any tartan you like this Autumn?

Phoebe x

Friday 26 October 2012

London Baby!

Hi everyone!

So this is a little post on a day trips in London from this week, this Monday me and some friends got the train up to London to have a look around some art galleries. We went to the Tate Modern (which I didn't really enjoy, modern art is not my thing!!!), the V&A (I saw a gorgeous ballgowns exhibition, if you're in the South Kensington area go!) and finally the National Gallery (this was just amazing, I could spend days in there just staring at the Monets!). We also took a sneaky trip to the globe theater which was lovely!

I'll tell you now, I ate INCREDIBLY unhealthily. I had Starbucks, and Pret, and Nandos, and.... The Humming Bird Bakery! It's safe to say that this is my favourite bakery of all time and I visit everytime I'm down South. If you ever see that little pink hummingbird sign when in London, I'll be ashamed of you if you do not go! I bought this beautiful pumpkin whooppie pie that was the size of my head. It took me 3 attempts to finish it! Heaven though...

Now for the clothes!! Recently I have been living in my leather jacket, It's so cosy and just gorgeous for the winter! I bought this fur lapel on a whim, but I bloody love it! Highly recommend one for staying lovely and warm.

Shirt, Topshop
Fure Lapel, H&M
Jeans, Topshop
Leather Jacket, French Connection
Bag, Topshop
Shoes, Asos
Earrings, Topshop
Nalis, OPI Spotted the Lizard

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Black and White Business

Hi everyone!

So, this Autumn I've been really feeling cropped jumpers. I'm not sure what it is about them, but I just found quite a few in my wardrobe which was lovely. Pencil skirts too, they're lovely!

What key pieces have you been enjoying most this Autumn?

Jumper, Top
Necklaces, Vintage
Skirt, Zara
Shoes, Peter Kaiser

Phoebe xx

Sunday 14 October 2012

Late late late...

Hi everyone!

This is mine and Darcey's September favourites! I know what you're thinking; it's the middle of October. Oops! It's super late but school work and other commitments have gotten in the way of editing and posting, but I hope you enjoy none the less!

I have some lovely posts lined up for this week so stay tuned my lovely readers! 

Phoebe xx

Sunday 7 October 2012

Shops That Are Doin' It Right

Hi everyone!

Oh my! I wanted to do a wishlist, but they were too big. So I wanted to look at some shops that are BLOWIN' MA MIND! (hope you read that in a southern accent) Topshop and H&M particular this season are right on the money. I CANNOT get enough of just looking at Topshop's clothes- their Boutique section are particularly beautiful, I wouldn't mind purely shopping there!

Can we please take a moment to appreciate that jacket from H&M though, it's just stunning! I'm not you've noticed but at the moment I really like burgundy, I reeeaaaaaally like it...

Enjoy my picks!

Phoebe xx

Monday 1 October 2012

(Abit Late) Back To School

Hi everyone!

That's right, photo posts are backkkk!

So basically, I thought I'd show you guys what I've been wearing to school. This has been my favourite because it's been keeping me super cozy with all the rain and cold weather. I came across this metal wall with graffiti and thought it would be really great for a photo background, so here we are!

Just a short post really, so enjoy!

Jumper, Topshop
Skirt, Miss Selfridge
Shirt, Topshop
Boots, ASOS
Necklace, Vintage
Hair Cuff, H&M
Earrings, Accessorize

Phoebe xx 

Thursday 27 September 2012

London Fashion Week Loves!

Hi everyone!

I know I'm abit late on the LFW train! Life has been incredibly busy recently and I still wanted to do a post on the beautiful shows some of my favourite designers did for LFW 2012 S/S 13. Sadly I didn't get a chance to go this year, maybe next year I will have a post with my own photos! Sounds exciting I know...

This first image of this just stunning trench coat has got to be from Burberry, their whole show was absolutely fabulous and I wish I could've posted all of their looks! But alas, there is only space for one and this beauty won!

The next is from House of Holland, their use of geometric shapes was amazing. If you saw their show you will know what I'm talking about! This was one of my favourites, I mean look at that colour!

Mulberry. Need I say more? My favourite ever bag is from there. I would LOVE a Bayswater, but I have no money. Or a job. So I just had to be satisfied with watching their show, and wasn't it beautiful!? And did you see their invitations and rainbow cake? Just amazing!

If you've seen some of Louise Gray's designs you'll know that they're abit crazy. But a good kinda crazy! Her mix of patterns are unbelievable and you'd never believe that these patterns work, but they do! I love her recent range for Topshop too, may have to get my hands on one of the t-shirts!

Hope you enjoyed this post- and LFW! 
What were your favourite trends for S/S 13?

Phoebe x

Monday 24 September 2012

Biker Jackets!

Hi everyone! 

I know I said I was going to be better with posts, but have you seen the weather!? It may be nice where you are, but in Britain it has been raining. Non-stop.
I've been putting this post off because I have a back to school one (late I know) and an everyday autumn outfit coming up. But the hideous weather means that this one must come first!

I have noticed recently that biker jackets are all the rage! Shopping this week I managed to see one in almost every single shop. A sign? I already have one (might feature in a post sometime soon) but a girl can dream of others!

I was looking for quite a large range to show you; from classic black/brown, fun colours, fur and studs! I love them all, even the most expensive (that's right, I'm looking at you number 4!)

1) Zara
2) Asos
3) Topshop
4) Karen Millen
5) Mango
6) Urban Outfitters
7) Zara

Hopefully the weather will sort itself out soon!

Phoebe xx

Saturday 15 September 2012

The Beauty Power List Event at Selfridges

Hi everyone!

First off, apologies:

1) Lack of posting, my first post in over a week! I feel so bad and I've missed it SO MUCH! With back to school an I've just taken on an allotment I've had so much work to do! But I promise to be better...

2) My outfit photo I look really depressed, don't know why, it was an amazing event! So please ignore that face!

3) This is gonna be a wordy post, in advance!

So this event was ticketed, you got £10 any item and it was just a whole load of fun! I went abit crazy, not gonna lie. But who wouldn't!? 

We kicked off the night with a makeover at Bobbi Brown. Now, if you watch mine and Darcey's videos you'll know how much she loves Bobbi Brown, I on the other hand have never tried their products, so for me this was really exciting! I ended up buying 2 items, an eyeliner and an eyeshadow. I LOVE them!

Then I went on to buy one of Clinique's anti-reddening foundations, I really love it! 

There was an old-style "claw machine" FILLED with selfridges bags! If you spent £50 or more you could queue up and have a go. Even if you didn't win a bag you were still given a prize. I got a full sized "Peace Love Juicy" Juicy Couture perfume worth £62. Very chuffed...

In my next post I'll talk about my favourite London Fashion Week shows, I wish I could've gone! But adoring the outfits via online will have to do this year!

Shirt, Topshop
Blazer, Zara
Trousers, Topshop
Shoes, Primark
Bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Bag, Topshop

Phoebe xx

Sunday 2 September 2012

Autumn's Calling, Wishlist Time!

Hi everyone!

It is the 2nd of September and I am dying for some cold weather! I just love it!

I'm longing for beautiful golds and warm browns, opulent jewelry and Downton Abbey tweeds. And can you blame me? They're beautiful! 

What are some of the trends you want to join in on this Autumn? 

1. Topshop
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Topshop
4. H&M
5. Topshop

(I'm sorry there's alot of Topshop recently, and in the post, they have just got it all right this season)

Phoebe xx

Friday 31 August 2012

Youtube Time!

Hi everyone!

So me and Darcey FINALLY got round to doing our 2nd video! I'm really happy with how this one turned out, and I find I'm reallllly enjoying making videos!

Please subscribe/comment/like. Anything to get our videos out there! Our next one is already filmed so it should be up very soon so stay tuned, it's a good'n!

Please excuse the bloopers at the end, I really didn't mean to be that clumsy!

Phoebe xx

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Topshop and Vogue Event

Hi everyone! 

Oh I was so excited to write this post! This was event was so so sooo much fun! When we arrived we were greeted with champagne, cocktails and canapes (I wouldn't say no) and took our seats ready for the talk by the co-editor of UK Vogue. While we waited we could have abit of a shop (20% was handy, although my bank balance didn't enjoy it) or have a make over and get your nails done!

When it was time for the talk everyone rushed for their seats and the guest speaker spoke all about the A/W '12 trends in Topshop. They ranged from khaki colours and prints, "Downton Abbey" inspired coats, opulent and extravagant trousers, oversized items and practical "factory" accessories. 

I have been on abit of a crazy spree in Topshop (I definitely had some bad looks from my parents) trying to get some key pieces that I can wear over and over again throughout A/W... I'm gonna pretend like I didn't buy alot from the rack Vogue picked out!

Shirt, Topshop
Skirt, Urban Outfitters
Shoes, KG by Kurt Geiger 
Bag, Topshop

Phoebe xx