Friday 30 August 2013

Transitions into Autumn

Dress, Topshop (similar here)        Boots, Dune       Watch, Ebay

Hi, everyone!

So here in the UK it's starting to get a little cooler. Warm enough for no tights, but cloudy so there's a cold breeze. For a chilled out, humid day I thought I'd wear this out! I actually wore this to the allotment before I took these photos so please excuse any mud that may be visible! This was my last week to chill out and have abit of fun before school starts again on Wednesday, so I've been shopping (ALOT- naughty) and spending way too much money on Costa and Starbucks (again, naughty). But it's been a fun summer. I haven't particularly done anything but what I have has been lovely!

Have you had a fun summer?

Phoebe xxx

Monday 26 August 2013

Keeping Hold of Summer

Top and Skirt, Topshop         Shoes, Carvella

Hi everyone!

So summer is coming to a close, and to be honest with you I'm genuinely looking forward to Autumn and Winter. The only bad thing is that I won't be able to wear beautiful skirts like this every day! I really do love this skirt, I feel like a 50's housewife every time I wear it! But alas, I won't be able to wear it for much longer. But that means cosy jumpers and coats, how exciting!

I've been spending my last days of summer mainly at work, how depressing. But other than that I've been spending my spare time reading tons of books (I'll include these in a post on what I've been loving this month), doing art work and having afternoons at the allotment. All very summery things, and I only have a week of this left! Ah well!

How are you spending your last days of summer?

Phoebe xxx

Friday 23 August 2013

Istanbul Photo Diary

Hi everyone!

So this is my Istanbul photo diary! I guess I'll just jump right into it... These first four photos are from our first day in Istanbul in The Grand Bazaar. It was one of the most crowded places I have ever been but amazing at the same time! It is nothing like what we have in the UK and was a slightly surreal experience, definitely a must see if you ever visit Istanbul!

These photos here were taken in the Hagia Sophia, a sixth century Christian church. Isn't it just amazing!? I mean, have you ever seen a church that looks like this in the UK!? The architecture was just incredible, I feel as if I could just stare at it all day long!

These photos here are a little jumbled. The first is the outside of The Blue Mosque and the second two are of the inside. It was a really fun experience as we had to wear a hijab and there was a no shoes policy! The architecture inside was one of the most intricate and amazing things I have ever seen! The last picture was from the Cistern, in which water was stored for the whole of the city!

Now these last pictures are just a couple fun ones from the scenery and a couple with my sisters. It was an amazing trip (not much of a holiday though, you'll know what I mean if you've ever been to Istanbul)

Phoebe xxx

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Turkey Through Outfits


1) Dress, Topshop    Shoes, Hollister     Sunglasses, Accessorize          2)Dress, Zara     Shoes, Anthropologie      Bag, Mulberry

Hi everyone!

So I got back from Turkey yesterday and what can I say. England is muuuuuchhh colder than I anticipated! It feels like such a shock to go from 32+ degrees to 15. I just wish we had a few more days in the crazy and beautiful city of Istanbul. We saw so much in the little time we had to explore, so I think I will put up a photo diary at some point this week (probably Friday) so keep your eyes peeled! These are just two of the many outfits I wore, most nights we changed to go out for dinner so we are talking 2 outfits a day! I planned to do 3 actual posts but the outfit photos I took when went on the boat party on the Bosphorus didn't work out very well (it was too dark and we had drank too much!)

As I said before the weather was crazy hot and to keep cool, I found it easiest to where dresses. The two above were ideal as they were floaty, flowy and they left my back uncovered (cool as well as good for some tanning)... The white dress was bought in the sale as well- £12.99! Bargain!

Let me know if you've been to Turkey too!

Phoebe xxx

Friday 16 August 2013

Airport Time

Top, Topshop    Trousers, Topshop    Jacket, Zara     Hat, Topshop     Shoes, Topshop

Hi everyone!

So this is what I wore to the airport on Wednesday! It looks slightly dressy but was incredibly comfy, which is mainly down to these Incredible trousers! I initially bought them for my next year of sixth form (fingers crossed I get back in!!!!) but I just need to wear them all the time! This top is on a new level of beautiful though, I spotted it in work the other day and immediately fell in love. I think we may be soul mates. Together. Forever...

Istanbul is fab though guys, only a couple more days of the trip left! I am going to savour every minute of this completely relaxing time though.

Have a lovely weekend!

Phoebe xxx

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Wishlist Wednesday!

Hi everyone!

This is definitely a very strange post, as today I am on my way to Istanbul! It's safe to say I'm excited as I have never been to Turkey before... I will long winter a little less as soon as I get there, but for now I am begging for the cooler months!

I know it's still August, but I'm just such a wintery person and I definitely prefer dressing for the cooler months (or as some like to say, the BER months... Do you get it?) But during August I always find myself longing for winter and always do something to kick off Autumn; be it making a hearty stew for the family, buying a statement read jumper or buying a store of Spiced Orange Yankee Candles! This year it's probably going to be that parka up there. I'll have to bring out the big bucks for that bad boy...

1) Every time I go into work I find myself eyeing up this Topshop jumper. But I just can't justify buying it during August, I'll probably snap it up for £48 as soon as it hits September!

2) Oh yes, it's time to discuss that bad boy. THE PARKA. So this beautiful piece of clothing is from Abercrombie and costs £200. I'm definitely going to have to save some money during this month if I want it, but there's a small chance I may be able to scrounge a little bit of $$$ from a parent. I'll keep you updated on that one!

3) This gorgeous nail varnish from NARS is a sparkly aubergine colour in the shade Tokaido Express . I'm really big on spending alot on nail varnishes because I honestly feel that it's worth it. I've heard alot of good things from NARS nail varnishes and at £14 I should hope so!

4) Ahhhh, another pair of boots on a wishlist, also from Topshop. These £68 boots are a hell of alot more wintery and even include a little fuzzy band at the top (yay!). I don't think I can function without these babies.

5) Here is another piece of makeup I found in the list of products used for Twilight. This Chanel Eyeshadow Quad in Variation was used for Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn. I seriously need this quad, but at £38 they really do break the bank. If only I were rich...

Love, Phoebe xxx 

Monday 12 August 2013

A Day at Dunham Massey

Top, Urban Outfitters    Jeans, Topshop  Shoes, River Island (old)     Necklace, Topshop

Hi everyone!

Sooooo... It's the first outfit post back and I'm flippin' excited! Now, this isn't the fanciest outfit in the world but it was a seriously hot day and we were just having a relaxed walk around Dunham Massey. We took baby Emily (who isn't much of a baby anymore...) to feed the ducks, but in the process we ended up stopping for a little tea. I'll tell you now, that Earl Grey and scone was duly needed! 

I have been OBSESSED with camis at the moment! every time I go into work I buy a new one! But on a day trip to Liverpool I wandered in UO and picked out this adorable elephant printed one. I really liked this one because the back is different and looks really interesting!

Anyhow... I'm off to Istanbul on Wednesday so I'll have a couple posts from there aswell as what I'm wearing to the airport! So stay tuned!

Phoebe xxx

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Wishlist Wednesday!

Hello everyone!

Yes!! This is my first post back and I am very very excited... Although, this wishlist is a little muddled, and to be honest it's a little weird! I'll explain everything though and it will all make sense very soon!

1) Okay, so the first thing on this wishlist is a lipstick. I have tried Benefit's Silky Finish Lipstick range before, in fact the colour Skinny Dip quickly became my favourite pinky nude and I have written a blog review on it before. This one however is in the shade Good To Go. I came across this because me and a friend decided to be ridiculously lazy and have a Twilight marathon and we quickly started to google what makeup was used for each film. This was the lipstick Bella wore in the first two, and right now its only £7!!! What a bargain... 

2) Recently I've been LOVING how chunky boots look with little floral skirts. These Majestic Cut Out Suede Boots from Topshop are £45 and a steal. They are perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn.

3) These jeans from Topshop may not be everyone's cup of tea, they are little white and blue pinstripes. I think that they'd be gorgeous for the rest of Autumn and the beginning for September too! And only £38!

4) That's right. Maybelline Baby Lips ARE HERE!!! I don't really think I need to explain my excitement here!

5) I feel like everyone and their mother has one of Zara's Mini Skorts! I think it's only right to treat myself to one! And at £25.99 it's great as I'll be able to wear this all year round! It's Christmassy and Summery all at the same time, how marvellous!

Love, Phoebe xxx

Tuesday 6 August 2013

I'm back!

Hi everyone!

(Get ready for a text heavy post!)

It feels like another lifetime ago that I was writing posts and taking photos for you guys. I'm so angry with myself for letting everything else get so on top of me! I found myself having little mini breakdowns because my school work was getting a little too much for me combined with everything else I do. Many of you don't know this, but other than school and the blog, I was also trying to juggle dancing, singing and cello lessons, as well as my job and the allotment I received almost a year ago now. Something had to give and it gets me down knowing that it was my beloved blog!

Now, there's a good chance that you've all forgotten what I even look like... I'm the one with the freckles and the ridiculously long hair.

Soooooo, let's have a little catch up! Not much has changed since I last blogged, I still have a serious shopping problem (I don't think that will ever go away) and I'm still doing the same A levels, but thankfully I never have to do biology ever again! Waiting for results however is killing me, I'm so scared that I won't get the grades for my A2's next year! And I'm on holiday during results day so I'll have to wait even longer! I'm so excited to go away though. We haven't had a family holiday for years and this one will be really special. My cousin is marrying a lovely Turkish woman so we are heading over to Istanbul for their wedding which will be held on a boat. Sounds like heaven to me!

I've been to T in the Park and that was ridiculous amounts of fun, I've (kinda) been away for a cello course and I have piles and piles of books that I need to read before that summer is over (right now I'm reading Parade's End by Ford Maddox Ford- great for you history buffs like me)... Today is the first day since finishing sixth form that I've been able to relax and stay in my pijamas! A proper chilled out day.

So that's basically me right now! I know it won't be easy to keep on top of the blog but I'll get used to it, and I'll make a little timetable to try and get posts out on time! But please bear with me while I try to get used to the blogging lifestyle all over again. 

To kick off blogging again I thought I'd do a little wishlist tomorrow, what better!

I won't let you down!

Love, Phoebe xxx

Saturday 23 February 2013

Full Spring Swing

1. Dior Vernis Beige 2. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses 3. YSL Volupte Sheer Candy 4. Topshop Crop Jumper 5. Topshop Brocade Dress 6. Topshop Crop Jacket

Hi everyone!

Oh my, it's really starting to feel like spring!  I haven't been wearing my coat and I've been gravitating to lighter coloured clothes and make up, less black and grey more pinks and yellows. I am full on ready for a spot of sunning and turns around the garden (if only I was in an Austen novel). It's my favourite time of year and I love watching the world come back to life. 
Very excited!!!

Love, Phoebe xxx

Thursday 21 February 2013

Washington and New York Photo Diary

The Washington Memorial 

 Outside the White House

The Lincoln Memorial 

The view from the Lincoln Memorial

The WWII Memorial in Washington

The apartment building where F.R.I.E.N.D.S was filmed in NYC 

Times Square eating at the Hard Rock Cafe and seeing Mama Mia 

A walk in Central Park

The views from our ferry ride around the island

Hi everyone!

Last year I had the chance to go on an amazing trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York with our school's history department. I am planning on doing History at uni and I thought it was such a great opportunity to I snapped it up straight away! The time finally came this week, I got back on Tuesday morning so I'm still slightly jet lagged but coffee and shopping sure is a great remedy!

Some of these photos were taken on my phone so don't judge!
I would definitely love to go to all these places again as there was so much I didn't get the opportunity to see! All of the cities were so diverse; Washington with it's clean, crisp streets with huge open spaces, Philadelphia's urban feel and New York's busy atmosphere and bright lights. It was just CRAZY!

I loved every minute of my trip...

Love Phoebe xxx

Tuesday 19 February 2013

February Inspiration

Hi Everyone!

After a long break and a holiday, I have missed the blogisphere more than I would've expected. I series of events, including an Amazing trip to America (which made me sing "I want the be in America" from West Side Story constantly- cool I know) left me with little time for myself and what I love to do - BLOG!

So here I am, part way through February and I haven't blogged for over a month. A new post I here you say? Yes indeedy. I thought what better than a bit of street style inspiration. I found all images above on Tumblr, I find alot of inspiration for looks there, as well as some very hot guys... 

What I'm loving at the moment includes boyfriend jeans (I love my vintage Levi 701's), fancy courts and colour blocking. Not to mention big sunglasses, I am in desperation for some cat eye sunglasses which I will include in a near wishlist!

Enjoy to photographs and look forward to some soon to come posts!

Love, Phoebe xxx

Tuesday 8 January 2013

My Christmas

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd do a quick post on what my Christmas looked like, I didn't take as many pictures as I should've. So I don't have any of out crazy pinata parties, how most family members fell asleep on Christmas day, the endless martini drinking on new years and present opening.

But to me christmas is mostly about the company and the surroundings. My favourite things at Christmas are the decorations, lighting candles, snuggling on the sofa with a book and my cat and THE FOOD. Please excuse the picture of my turkey that was taken on my phone, but I couldn't resist posting it! We definitely bought too much food this Christmas, we still have boxes and boxes of chocolates and we are still eating our endless amounts of crisps. We have quite a few people over on christmas day though so the turkey was gone by boxing day! I still managed to get my turkey, brie and cranberry sandwich though yummmm!

I was planning on doing a Christmas present post and a 2012 outfit post, so stay tuned!

Hope you guys had an absolutely amazing Christmas and a happy new year!

Phoebe xxx