Friday, 29 June 2012

The Perfect Pink Lipstick

Hi everyone!

On my trip to London I found my perfect pink lipstick! Of course it is from Benefit... It's their Silky-Finish Lipstick in "Skinny Dip". I feel that it really compliments my skin tone and is really moisturizing on the whole. I find that it looks really silky (just like the name!) and feels so lovely. It also has really good staying power, I find that it lasts a couple of hours and only needs a couple of more applications. I will definitely be purchasing  more Benefit lipsticks in the near future.

I just love it!
 What's your favourite pink lipstick?

Phoebe x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Celeb Style: Clemence Poesy

Hi everyone!

You know what? Isn't she just fabulous!?
I absolutely LOVE Clemence Poesy, she's so beautiful and wears the most amazing clothes. She's one of my all time favourite celebrities. I mean, look at her! She's a great actress too!

She wears lots of blazers, floaty skirts/dresses and lovely collars. She always looks amazing and I see her as an idol in the fashion world.

Phoebe x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wednesday's Wishlist

Hi everyone!

These are just a couple of items that I've seen that really caught my eye...

1. Ring, Karen Walker for Beginning Boutique
2. Studded Shoes, Zara
3. Phone case/purse, Topshop
4. Au Natural palette, Sleek
5. Flowers forever, Beginning Boutique

Phoebe x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation

Hi everyone!

I have heard mixed reviews about this foundation, but I really love Benefit and I needed a new foundation so I thought I would invest in this...

I have used it for a couple of days now, and I LOVE IT! It's so creamy on my skin and hasn't lead to any breakouts what so ever. Many said that it was too yellowy for their skin tone, but I find that it works perfectly for my colouring. I'm using Ivory- "I'm pure for sure" and it's great. Also, it's really great and light weight, one pump does my whole face, perfect!

It does everything it says on the packet. I thoroughly recommend it!

Phoebe x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunny Days!

Hi everybody!

I'd to start off by apologizing for the HUGE lack of posts, I finished my exams and last week I just went crazy. I was out everyday and I had just no time to make posts at all!
I am also in the middle of a hunt for the perfect place to take my blog photos, I want a beautiful location that's near by. If anybody know any in Sale let me know! My mum and I went on an adventure to find said place, we came across this green that is just down our road. I like it but it's not quite the one. 
What do you guys think of the location change?

I have been wanting quite a few "basics" so I went into H&M because I find that they have some great basic clothing at low prices. I found this average white t-shirt and I thought I'd try it on. When I put it on I noticed that it was longer at the back, making it abit more special than just any old white top. It is also so soft and generally just lovely to wear. Along with this I got a grey "peplum" styled top which I'm sure will pop up in a post very soon. All in all, a great buy!

I picked up this bag in Topshop and ever since, I haven't put it down! It fits absolutely everything in it and can be worn in two different styles. It's so pretty aswell!

I took a trip to London a couple of days ago (which I may do a post on, but I can't decide as I didn't take as many photos as hoped). Of course I went into the infamous Oxford Street Topshop. Here I came across these flowery trousers by Oh My Love. They are absolutely fantastic! I can rarely find fitted trousers (that aren't jeans) that actually look nice on me. So when I tried these on I just HAD to get them. They have an elasticated waste band which is very helpful when out for a meal! I also bout this AMAZING dinosaur ring. It was £5 in the sale and was just irresistible! I love it...

Trousers, Oh My Love
Top, H&M
Bag, Topshop
Shoes, ASOS
Ring, Topshop

Phoebe x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Casual Day Out

Hi everyone!

Today is just a casual outfit today, as I went to go and see the MMU art degree show in town. There was some really great pieces, especially the fashion.

This shirt is my favourite item I have ever bought from All Saints. It is just so versatile! It can be worn with shorts and a cardigan in summer, and jeans and a jumper in winter. AND it always looks great. It can also be paired with any colour denim, be it red, pink, green or blue! It has some really lovely detailing too, the buttons go all the way around, so if it isn't hanging quite as nicely, you can change it to fit your build.

As you may begin to realize, this is my favourite necklace. It is simple yet elegant and goes with absolutely everything. Also, I have abit of an obsession with Topshop. It is by far my favourite shop, I love all of the pieces they sell and find that they all go really well with the pieces I already own.

I tried my own make shift manicure, I think they turned out quite well! I haven't found the perfect manicure pink yet, so I've had to settle for a peach colour. I still think it looks nice though, a modern take on a classic.

Shirt, All Saints
Jeans, Topshop
Chelsea Boots, Asos
Ring, Topshop
Bangles, Accessorize
Watch, Vintage
Necklace, Disney Couture 

Phoebe x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fallen In Love All Over Again

Hi everyone!

The other day I was clearing out my room and I came across one of my old favourites...
"My Place Or Yours Gina" by Benefit.
When I found this perfume I was like "what does this smell like? I have completely forgotten" and as soon as I smelt it I knew that I was going to be wearing it alot more often! It's floral and fruity with a hint of sweetness and it's just so gorgeous. You have to try it! It's only £29.50 and really worth it. I have been wearing it everyday since I found it again. GO BUY IT! Please:)

Phoebe x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wishlist Wednesday!

Hi everyone!

This weeks wishlist is based mainly around cosmetics. I have been eyeing up the new Benefit skin care range. As a moisturizer my go to brand is Benefit, but my favourite has always been "Dear John". My last jar has almost run out and they have discontinued it, so my only other option is to try out their new "Total Moisture Facial Cream". I'm really looking forward to this new cream! Another of their new products I'm dying to try is their "Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation". I have always been a gig fan of their "Hello Flawless Powder" however I always find that it runs out far too quickly and I prefer liquid foundation. So I think that this would be the perfect product for me.

I have been searching for the perfect pink lipstick, and after coming across this Topshop lipstick I instantly fell in love. I have quite a pale skin tone so I can go too bright so I find this shade to be right in the middle and perfect for me.

The other three items all go beautifully together. I would team them with a classic white t-shirt and my Mulberry "Antony" messenger bag. Perfect for a casual coffee or an important dinner date.

1. Hello Flawless liquid foundation, Benefit
2. Lipstick in "Powder Room", Topshop
3. Total Moisture Facial Cream, Benefit
4. Floral Trousers, Topshop
5. Nude Heals, Asos
6. Pearl Collar, Topshop

Phoebe x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Asos Delivery: The Chelsea Boot + a Free Gift

Hi everyone!

I have been longing for a great pair of chelsea boots, and when I came across these on Asos I knew that they HAD to be mine! They costed a mere £45, because they're real leather I think that this is a bargain! I was worried that a 6 wouldn't fit because I am abit of an inbetween size but I was happily surprised that they fit perfectly. They will go perfectly with some black jeans I have been eyeing up...

I also got a lovely surprise of a free Hawaiian Tropic "Silk Hydration". I have used some other products like the Mango Creme Aftersun and the Tanning Oil already. So when I saw this in the box aswell I was overjoyed. I smells absolutely beautiful and makes my skin feel so soft! I keep smelling my arm it's that good, I can't wait to try it out in the sun!

Phoebe x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Favorite Perfume

Hi everyone!

My favorite perfume has got to be Coco Mademoiselle  by Chanel. It was a toss up between this and Romance by Ralph Lauren however this one won! It has the most beautiful floral scent which lasts for the entire day making it a hard perfume to beat. It has the most gorgeous packaging aswell! I highly recommend this perfume! This particular bottle costs £46 making it perfectly reasonable, even though it is only a 35ml bottle I find that the perfume itself lasts for a really long time even if you use it everyday.

Phoebe x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Summer Jumper

Hi everyone!

I finally got my perfect summer jumper! The weather has been horrendous so this really was the perfect purchase, the rain hasn't stopped coming so this kept me nice and cosy. It has the cutest pattern aswell; it is yellow with little flecks of colour throughout with different textured fabric on the arms and the body too.

It is a perfect pastel shade and fits in with the very now  pastel colour trend. Being yellow it is so versatile aswell, I wore it with a flippy skirt however it can be worn with a pair of black jeans or even some denim shorts. It even has these super cute elbow patches! One of my best purchases I think!

Jumper; Topshop
Skirt; Urban Outfitters
Necklace; Disney Couture
Watch; Vintage

Phoebe x

Friday, 8 June 2012

Anthropologie Wishlist

Hi everyone!

At the moment, everyone has been RAVING about flatforms. I have yet to find the perfect pair until yesterday... I was browsing the Anthropologie website and came across these silver beauties. They aren't your typical black ones, making them unique and exciting. They're so tempting, however they are alot more expensive than the usual £35, they are £118 which makes them less tempting. oh well!

The other two items follow the neon trend. The bracelet is a smaller less obvious choice, although gives a flash of colour to any outfit. It costs a mere £12 making it an essential this summer. Whereas the satchel costs £58 which is a fabulous price for such a well manufactured product. It is real leather and is such a beautiful statement piece which can brighten up any outfit!

I'm going to London in a couple of weeks so I'm going to try and get atleast two of them!

Phoebe x

My Favorite Lipstick Right now

Hi everyone!

This is my favorite lipstick at the moment, in spring time when the weather can't really make it's mind up, I find that a nude lipstick is perfect. This colour compliments most skin tones, for example; this lipstick goes really well with my fair skin tone making it seem as if it has more colour and gives a healthy glow.

This is one of the Clarins Joli Rouge Long-wearing Moisturizing Lipstick number 724 in "Simply Nude".
It is such a beautiful lipstick, perfect for everyday usage. It gives an even coverage and has an almost golden shine to it. I highly recommend this lipstick!

Phoebe x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I'm Loving Chloe Moretz

 Hi everybody!
Recently I've really been enjoying the style of Chloe Moretz, I love her combo of skirts and shirts aswell as her "cutesy" dresses. Her choice of ensemble is always impeccable! Her outfits usually consist of bright colours, and beautifully matching heels. Making her look extremely sophisticated and way beyond her age.

Phoebe x

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This week's wishlist

Hi everyone!

This is my wishlist this week, what I'm really craving right now!
It includes the perfect summer jumper, as well as the best boots for a cloudy day.

1. Black blazer; Topshop
2. Black boots; Asos
3. 2-tone bag; Topshop
4. Yellow jumper; Topshop
5.Black studded flats; Asos


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

HUGE haul!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long post, recently I went on a large shop fairly recently for work and 6th form clothes. I want to have a collection of clothes that i can mix and match, so I got mostly skirts as they will go with most tops. The shirt at the top was featured in my last post, this is my new favorite top. It goes with everything and it just feels so lovely! And not to mention the gold button detailing, it's just an all round really great shirt. As well as these items, I bought a new skirt suit from Mango and a couple of other shirts from Zara.

I have the clothes, my next mission; shoes!

Shirt; Topshop
All 3 skirts; Topshop
Blazer; Zara
Playsuit; Topshop
Dress; Topshop


Monday, 4 June 2012

New Beginnings and the Diamond Jubilee

Hello everyone, this is my first ever post at athousandseasons, and to mark the special occasion it is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! Here is my first outfit to ever be posted. 
Shirt Topshop, Skirt Topshop, Necklace Disney Couture, Bangles Acessorize.
For a mild, sunny day like today mixing floaty materials gives a fresh and floral feel to any outfit. Fabrics such as Organza are really in right now, giving an instant summery feel to any combo.

Phoebe x