Monday 29 October 2012


Hi everyone!

So, it is safe to say that I have completely and utterly fallen in love with tartan this Autumn. I generally just can't get enough of the use of different tones to create completely different pieces, but always using the same pattern! Now, some of these are dream items so don't think I'll be buying these! But I just wanted to show you different brand's interpretations of tartan!

1) Alexander McQueen Tartan Boots, these are WAYY out of my price range. But if I could have anything on this list it would be them. I spotted them in Vogue and juts knew that I needed to feature them in a blog post. I want them sooo bad!

2) Topshop Tartan Shorts, these are more like it (and they have a matching blazer too woo!) I just really like the style of these, great for everyday and a night out, fabulous!

3) River Island Tartan Trousers, I loveeee smart trousers! These will be mine, the colour combo, the style, they're just perfect!

4) Vivienne Westwood Tartan Pencil Skirt, again this is a tad out of my price range! But isn't it beautiful? I like how both red and green has been incorporated, it's different and I like that!

5) Topshop Tartan Leggings, I already have these and they're fab. Buy them!

6) Fred Perry Tartan Scarf, I'm just imagining wearing this on a lovely autumn morning and going out for a walk. I need a scarf and think this might be it!

Have you seen any tartan you like this Autumn?

Phoebe x


  1. Tartan may have to make its way back into my wardrobe too x

  2. I love the river island tartan shorts :)

  3. Well hello gorgeous!Loooove,love everything here!;)

  4. I'm also really into tartan lately, but haven't got anything with the print lately. Somehow the jacquard prints are a tat more appealing to me.