Monday 16 July 2012

MATTE Nailvarnish

Hi everyone!

In my last post I spoke about a matte nail varnish, this is what makes it matte! It's a matte top coat from H&M. I saw this in their Manchester store and to be honest with you it was abit of an impulse buy. It was £2.99 and I really fancied trying it out.

I'm not sure you can see It's effect very well on this photo, but oh my god I'm SO in love. So far I've worn it everyday and It's just amazing. If you see this in your local H&M just buy it. It's so cheap and so FAB.

Just do it.

Also, I have made arrangements with a fellow fashion/beauty lover to start up a Youtube channel. IT IS OFFICIAL! So keep your eyes pealed for name updates and first videos (first one should be up this weekend if we finally decide on a name). My friend's name is Darcey and it should be really exciting!

Phoebe xx


  1. I've always regretted not buying a matte topcoat that was on sale at Sportsgirl a few months ago! I love the look.

    x Michelle |

    1. If you see another definitely go for it, they're fab! xxx