Wednesday 7 August 2013

Wishlist Wednesday!

Hello everyone!

Yes!! This is my first post back and I am very very excited... Although, this wishlist is a little muddled, and to be honest it's a little weird! I'll explain everything though and it will all make sense very soon!

1) Okay, so the first thing on this wishlist is a lipstick. I have tried Benefit's Silky Finish Lipstick range before, in fact the colour Skinny Dip quickly became my favourite pinky nude and I have written a blog review on it before. This one however is in the shade Good To Go. I came across this because me and a friend decided to be ridiculously lazy and have a Twilight marathon and we quickly started to google what makeup was used for each film. This was the lipstick Bella wore in the first two, and right now its only £7!!! What a bargain... 

2) Recently I've been LOVING how chunky boots look with little floral skirts. These Majestic Cut Out Suede Boots from Topshop are £45 and a steal. They are perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn.

3) These jeans from Topshop may not be everyone's cup of tea, they are little white and blue pinstripes. I think that they'd be gorgeous for the rest of Autumn and the beginning for September too! And only £38!

4) That's right. Maybelline Baby Lips ARE HERE!!! I don't really think I need to explain my excitement here!

5) I feel like everyone and their mother has one of Zara's Mini Skorts! I think it's only right to treat myself to one! And at £25.99 it's great as I'll be able to wear this all year round! It's Christmassy and Summery all at the same time, how marvellous!

Love, Phoebe xxx


  1. Great wishlist! I can't wait to try a baby lips now they're in England!


  2. Love the boots!!