Monday 25 June 2012

Sunny Days!

Hi everybody!

I'd to start off by apologizing for the HUGE lack of posts, I finished my exams and last week I just went crazy. I was out everyday and I had just no time to make posts at all!
I am also in the middle of a hunt for the perfect place to take my blog photos, I want a beautiful location that's near by. If anybody know any in Sale let me know! My mum and I went on an adventure to find said place, we came across this green that is just down our road. I like it but it's not quite the one. 
What do you guys think of the location change?

I have been wanting quite a few "basics" so I went into H&M because I find that they have some great basic clothing at low prices. I found this average white t-shirt and I thought I'd try it on. When I put it on I noticed that it was longer at the back, making it abit more special than just any old white top. It is also so soft and generally just lovely to wear. Along with this I got a grey "peplum" styled top which I'm sure will pop up in a post very soon. All in all, a great buy!

I picked up this bag in Topshop and ever since, I haven't put it down! It fits absolutely everything in it and can be worn in two different styles. It's so pretty aswell!

I took a trip to London a couple of days ago (which I may do a post on, but I can't decide as I didn't take as many photos as hoped). Of course I went into the infamous Oxford Street Topshop. Here I came across these flowery trousers by Oh My Love. They are absolutely fantastic! I can rarely find fitted trousers (that aren't jeans) that actually look nice on me. So when I tried these on I just HAD to get them. They have an elasticated waste band which is very helpful when out for a meal! I also bout this AMAZING dinosaur ring. It was £5 in the sale and was just irresistible! I love it...

Trousers, Oh My Love
Top, H&M
Bag, Topshop
Shoes, ASOS
Ring, Topshop

Phoebe x


  1. nice outfit! Your blog is so cute! Maybe we can follow each other?

    x For Happy Days

  2. thanks very much! Yeah I'll check out your blog now... x

  3. Lovely pics! How amazing is your hair!?!?! :O xx