Sunday 17 June 2012

A Casual Day Out

Hi everyone!

Today is just a casual outfit today, as I went to go and see the MMU art degree show in town. There was some really great pieces, especially the fashion.

This shirt is my favourite item I have ever bought from All Saints. It is just so versatile! It can be worn with shorts and a cardigan in summer, and jeans and a jumper in winter. AND it always looks great. It can also be paired with any colour denim, be it red, pink, green or blue! It has some really lovely detailing too, the buttons go all the way around, so if it isn't hanging quite as nicely, you can change it to fit your build.

As you may begin to realize, this is my favourite necklace. It is simple yet elegant and goes with absolutely everything. Also, I have abit of an obsession with Topshop. It is by far my favourite shop, I love all of the pieces they sell and find that they all go really well with the pieces I already own.

I tried my own make shift manicure, I think they turned out quite well! I haven't found the perfect manicure pink yet, so I've had to settle for a peach colour. I still think it looks nice though, a modern take on a classic.

Shirt, All Saints
Jeans, Topshop
Chelsea Boots, Asos
Ring, Topshop
Bangles, Accessorize
Watch, Vintage
Necklace, Disney Couture 

Phoebe x

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  1. Your hair is actually out of this world! You're a gorgeoussssss girl xx