Wednesday 8 August 2012

Cream Teas and Rainy Walks

Hi everyone!

So this week is my family's "holiday" week. So we are going out to a different place that we wouldn't usually go to every day, that means that there will be alot of outfit shots in random locations which will be fun!

This shot is from Tuesday when we went up to the lake district, these photos were taken in a little village where we drank coffee and ate cream teas, right before we went on a 4 mile walk in Grizedale Forest. I know what you're thinking, sensible shoes for such a long walk. I actually ended up splitting them! I was devastated, they were my favourite boots! 

The only downfall to all this travelling is the long car journeys, I don't mind them as much though because I've been able to really get into my book! I've been reading Birdsong, has anyone else read it? It's absolutely amazing!

Next post will be from beaches in Wales!

Top, H&M
Jeans, Topshop
Boots, ASOS
Bag, From a Boutique in Rome

Phoebe x


  1. Love the color of those pants!

  2. Wow, you are so cool and creative, love everything!!!
    Check out my new post:)

  3. The little village look so cozy and pretty! I just adore the hanged potted flowers on your background, You have such lovely hair, and I just love the vintage shape of your bag

  4. YOu look pretty!

  5. Those pants are SO beautiful on you!!

    Followed, by the way :)