Saturday 18 August 2012

Yellow To Brighten Up The Day

Hi everyone!

This is my second blog post about my gorgeous trip to Devon! On this day we went to Dartmouth  and afterwards we went to the beach. In Dartmouth we just spent the morning shopping and having lunch. I came away with this gorgeous notebook that has ornate finish and is just so beautiful, a little wooden heart from an art shop that I bought to put in my room for when it's redecorated and of course some fudge! You can't go to Devon and not buy fudge. It's the rule!

When I woke up this day it was cloudy and raining. I decided that jeans were my best bet, and to brighten my mood I opted for my favourite blazer ever! I have been meaning to show you this blazer for an age, and I finally got the chance to. So what do you think?

As you can probably tell I am doing abit of refurbishments on the ol' blog. So stay tuned for some exciting changes coming VERY SOON! 

Blazer, Topshop
Top, Hollister
Jeans, Topshop
Shoes, Primark
Bag, Rome
Bracelets, Thomas Sabo/ Links of London

Phoebe xx


  1. I like outfit & nice photos!

  2. i always turn to yellow to brighten up a look! sounds like a fun day -- you can never have too much fudge ;)


  3. The yellow looks gorgeous, such a lovely summery colour x

  4. The yellow blazer is beaut! And i must say I love Dartmouth it is so cute there.

    Love Becky xx

  5. aw Devon seems like such a cute place! And i love the yellow blazer!